• SATCo. Is a well- established Iranian company headquartered in Tehran/ Iran.
  • SATCo. Is one of the best firms in construction and system integration in
    industrial automation field in Iran.
  • SATCo. Staff is composed of a group of engineers and technicians who are
    experts in the fields of computer, control, electric and electronics.
    The technical staff is supported by sales and administration employees
    who are highly motivated and dedicated to the company’s goals that
    function extraordinary well in teams.

SATCo. Is composed of two divisions:

  1. Projects Division
  2. Trading Division

Project Division

The major activities of this division are bellow:

  • Operation

SATCo. Provides following capabilities for control & electrical (c&e)
projects covering all types of control automation system.
Studies, Design & Engineering
Construction & System integration
Software Development
Simulation & Test
Site installation, Commissioning & SAT
Training, Documentation & Maintenance

  • Services

SATCo. Provides full lump turnkey services from studies through complete
control and automation system implementation.
The scope covers wide range of systems such as:
Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
Supervisory Control and Date Acquisition (SCADA)
Programmable Logic Controller Systems (PLC)
Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
M. V & L. V Panels

  • Production

SATCo. Manufactures annunciator systems
The alarm annunciator systems of this company will be approved
by N. I. O. C. & tavanir co. in near future.

Trading Division

The major activities of this division are as bellow:
Technical consulting
Technical supply
Web- based marketing

SATCo. Trading division supplies:
Wide range of panel instruments & elements
PC- based automation equipment
Advanced process control systems such as: Electrical, DCS, PLC, SCADA