LED Boxes Series Nineteen Inch Rack Mounting Type

  • The series LB-RM 19 inch rack mounting LED Boxes provide maximum flexibility in terms of future expansion, intermix of Window sizes and LED test capabilities.
  • The units feature plug in modules with twelve window sizes, diode gated LED test for dc voltages, and Relay type for ac voltages.
  • Colored bezels and nameplates of plant location or functions and level of priorities of alarm.
  • Integral push button modules can be installed for LED test and operating controls for remote annunciator logic.
  • Two isolated screw terminals are supplied for each window for direct external connection or factory wiring to cabinet mounted multi pin connectors.
  • This allows interface via multi conductor cables to the driver logic.
  • Each window is illuminated by two, three, … , And sixteen LED for increased Reliability and uniform light distribution.